The Two Generations of First Alert SA67D

Here is a video I made showing the differences between the 80’s SA67D (Labeled SA76RD) and the 90’s SA67D (Labeled 83R). It is unclear exactly how long each generation lasted, but here is my best estimate:

1st Generation (Bigger ring): 1984-1989

2nd Generation (Smaller ring): 1990-1997

Oh, now I see! The 1st gen has a bigger ring and 8 rows of vents on the front, while the 2nd gen has a smaller ring and 6 rows of vents on the front. I doubt any light test models had the 1st gen cover.

You’d be surprised. There were 1st gen models made with the Escape Light, with the model number SA120C, or just model 1201. Of course, before that was the SA120, which was based on the SA76RC platform. And after that, starting maybe in 1990, came the more common flashlight test model with the escape light, however I don’t have a way to confirm the model number on that one.

Somewhere in the bowels of the internet, I found a picture yesterday that showed a man pointing a flashlight up at one of those 1st Gen SA120C Escape Light models, suggesting that maybe the first SA120C had the light test feature. I’ll keep looking for it, and I will post it if I ever find it again.

There was. It’s the SA150LT. My parents had one in their hallway (replaced a Norelco HB0933, replaced by a SA720). There were 2 versions - one with the vents that went to the edge like the 80’s SA67D, and a smaller one like the '90s '67D. I can’t seem to find the smaller version right now…

So, I did even more research, and it looks like there are actually 3 different variants of the SA67D platform with an Escape Light.

Here is the first variant, the 80’s SA120C model with Escape Light and standard test. These came out in probably the mid 80’s and lasted till probably 1990 or 91.

Here is the rare 80’s Escape Light model WITH Flashlight Test. Model SA150LT. These came out probably in 88 or so and lasted till about 91. They were probably a transition model.

And here is the version we are most familiar with, the 90’s SA150LTD with Escape Light and Flashlight Test. This has the smaller cover of the 2nd gen SA67D.

I found this page while looking up an old smoke detector that i am replacing in someone’s home. I thought it was interesting that there was a light bulb in the middle. Here it is, First Alert model SA150LT!