Thinking of setting up an alarm installation company

I don’t know if I have posted this in the right area so feel free to move it to the correct area, but considering I know a decent amount about fire and burglar alarm systems, I am thinking about setting up my own alarm company in the future to install fire/burglar alarm systems and other security systems to rival ADT’s UK subsidiary and Chubb Fire and Security.

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Feel free to suggest ideas for my plan

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To clarify, this won’t happen until I finish college which doesn’t start until September of this year, I do also have a great understanding of electrics and fire and burglar alarm systems, and my company will be based in the UK as that is where I am from.

bring american stuff with you. i am not saying it’s better, but nine times out of ten it beats a call point and sounder.

Nah, I prefer UK alarms as I am more familiar with them

Go with American. They are WAY more reliable than a European ones. A Fire- Lite panel with a BG-12 and a SpectrAlert Advance is gonna beat a call point and sounder.

I just said that I am from the UK, so I can only use UK alarms as American alarms won’t be compliant in the UK

Right, let me make this clear, I will only use alarms from the UK, not American alarms, is that clear. American alarms aren’t UK compliant. Thank you

A majority of American devices are not listed for use in other countries, that’s why there are call points because they are built like crap but that’s what are listed for use there.


Thank you for being a massive help @VRRyan

Actually, American alarms ARE compliant in the UK because a lot of high rise buildings in Europe use American fire alarms.

They’re not inherently compliant… the EST3, for instance, can be used in the UK because it’s available in an EN54-certified version. (There are some operational differences between this version and the original version.)

You can’t simply import a system from across the Atlantic and install it for life safety purposes. Not only would this not be code-compliant, you’d also void the warranty and run into issues with different power supply voltages - and if you’re an authorized distributor and you do this, you’d be in violation of your distributor agreement.

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Thank you so much for being a great help @randomperson

Requesting this topic to be locked as people need to stop telling me what to do
If I say I will fit UK alarms then I damn well will so stop telling me I should use American alarms because it ain’t happening

Could a moderator lock this topic as people don’t seem to understand why I will only fit UK alarms and not American alarms
If I see one more person telling me to use American alarms instead of UK alarms I will be very annoyed

We’re not forcing you to use American alarms. We’re just suggesting that you use American fire alarms because they are more reliable to use. If you want to use a call point and sounder, go for it.

I will because I am only familiar with UK fire alarms hence why I said I wouldn’t use American alarms

I’m talking about UK, not europe. Yes, I’ve seen american stuff in europe but very rare for the UK specifically.

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