This fire alarm in the Burj Khalifa looks so photoshopped

Why does it look like that :sob:

Did you get that from the building’s Google Maps page?

That maybe is photo shopped but i don’t know?

why does it poke up in the corner?

Idk Maybe thats how the Uae fire protection people do it ?

Also where did you get the photo

It does look photoshoped but it could be where two pictures meet if it is what Carson asked. Otherwise, it is most likely photoshoped.

They do use SpectrAlerts in the building but I’m pretty sure that Advance on the wall is a image edit. However they do use SpectrAlerts for real in that building.

It looks like the top of this one was painted and/or Google Street View didn’t stitch the image together perfectly.

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Well would you look at that: you don’t see a building in a country like UAE with US-made devices every day!

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I used google street view in the burj khalifa
idk if I spelled the name right

you did get the name right

Ok, good to know atleast

well today i went on google earth and looked in side the building and i think they do use they system sensors so maybe its not photo shopped