This looks like it is against code. Blocked pull stations and annunciators

This pull station is hard to get to. In a Big Lots.

This annunciator is completely hidden. In a Target.


Yeah, pretty sure that violates some portion of NFPA 72 (or another life safety code).

The first picture is not that bad of a code violation because someone can still access the pull station and the annunciator. But the second picture is a really bad code violation because someone can’t access the annunciatior

Section of NFPA 72 states “Manual fire alarm boxes shall be installed so that they are
conspicuous, unobstructed, and accessible.”

Per IFC and IBC Section 907.4.2.6, “Manual fire alarm boxes shall be provided with ready access, unobstructed, unobscured, and visible at all times.”

If I were the AHJ I’d probably just tell them to move the crates of water bottles, since it pretty much is obstructed and obscured. Code doesn’t give any specific number, it just has to be unobstructed and accessible.

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I went in the Big Lots again today. They also have something on the floor which makes it even harder to access the pull station and annunciator.

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there is an ann80 like that at the groery store I work at

Something similar to this happened at my school only it was a table in front of a pull station.

that seems to happen alot at schools

I have to thank you for always quoting laws and life safety literature. it must be difficult.