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Well, I’m at the end of my rope and am just about a step away from letting this place go to pot. If Ben’s not going to have a role in this place, I’m not going to waste my time cleaning up after him. I became a mod to HELP him, not be his slave. Me and Collin (and once in a while Craig) are the only mods that regularly visit this board and we don’t have the controls we need to improve it. The only way I think Ben would pay attention to it is if we bring up some legal action against Ben, but I honestly don’t know if we’d even have a case.

So like I said, I’m about ready to just let this place go. I’ll still be a part of it, but if Ben’s not going to do his administrator duties, I’m not going to do my moderator duties…

I am not even sure why this website is still online. Fatass Ben is apparently still alive and “well” he must be on hiatus @ camp rainbow or out snapping photos of the rail system where he lives or taking photos about police and bitching about them…

This web forum is shit and I have no respect for it. Dan is probably the only person on here I care about at this point as he has held his ground and struck through the crap that Ben has left him to deal with. Actually I would say Dan, Collin and one or two others are the only ones on here headed anywhere with their life.

Collin you should have said “F IT” along time ago.

or he has, you know, a real life and could be a bit busy for this site. Good luck on trying to get the courts involved, over an administrator not being online to answer the call of a moderator. If you guys truly are tired of the way things are ran here and are having the “F it” attitude, what’s forcing you guys to sign on to the forum? More importantly, what’s forcing you guys to log on to the site? The net is not Real Life. The net is relaxation and entertainment. If the net is NOT relaxation and entertainment to you … You aren’t doing it right.

I sign onto it because I happen to like it here. It was the first alarm forum that I became a part of way back when I was 14 (has it really been almost 10 years???). This used to be a very good forum to be a part of and right now it’s only a shadow of its former self. Plus, I only know of one other forum that deals with the same stuff as this and that forum isn’t any better off than this one at the moment.

[quote] or he has, you know, a real life and could be a bit busy for this site. [/quote]

As far as the “busy” thing goes, I understand people get busy, but they get busy for a few days or weeks. This has been going on for months and is starting to amount to years. If he doesn’t want to be a part of this board anymore, then he should tell us and either transfer over administrator duties to someone else or close the board down completely, but he shouldn’t leave us hanging off a cliff not answering our cries for help when we need him…

I miss the community we had before 2009. Those were good times.

Dan–You sound like me. I feel old more and more… and I will only be 24 in one month!
I miss the old forums too. The main reason I don’t post here as much as I used to is because I usually have too much going on or that I simply forget to post.

I remember the first few years I was here…damn this place was good then…

listen guys and gals, I mean no disrespect with my last post, it was just an honest look on how I see things, apologies if I was too brash.
Firefly: I’ve been here since around 05/06, and I have to admit this place was good back then, this was the place to gain resourceful information about fire-alarms, also other hobby-like information. I still find this place full of information, and to be honest, I lurk “signed-out” but still look at the videos posted. Its always fun to see an alarm in action.

I’ve actually poked Ben on Facebook, to see where he’s going with this forum message board, I’m curious to know its future. If the future is bleak (I’m not saying it is), I’d love to see an archive of it, so that people can gain the resources that are here. If he keeps the forum live, I do agree, there needs to be an admin that can easily be accessible, so in case there are issues that arise.

I think we need to make this community our own in order for it to thrive again, its not just Ben’s, but ours too. Invite people here that might have the same interests as us, and who knows, we might strive yet again. -steps off his soap box-

You’re right, Ben would have to hand over the controls to someone else. He obviously has no interest in this forum any longer.