Thoughts on DIY Security

Hey all,

My cousin is looking into security system options for his home. He mentioned that while he’s open to having a professional install an actual system, he would like to do it himself through DIY options.
What are your thoughts on these systems? I’m on the edge since I’ve heard stories about people being able to disable systems and the fact that they’re not necessarily UL Listed.

Thanks in advance!

I installed a Ebay Vista series 15 years ago and other than the manual being written by an electrical engineer with a good bit of industry jargon it has served us will. Home automation is providing lots of options to revitalize these older systems but again are a technical challenge. I currently can arm/distrm or alert my phone or about any other internet capable device anywhere in the world. I also can use the motion and door triggers to control other HA functions like arm the alarm at a predetermined time. Disarm the alarm if my phone is present and the door was electronically unlocked. I’ve also spent a lot of time on this. $$ or time. Reliability and support are considerations too

there are diy systems like simpli safe and cove but i dont recommend them because an rf transmitter can interrupt the communication and it wont report the contact as open