Tips for the Home security.

To install the security alarms have become the essential for every home and business premises. so there are some instruction for making your home save and secure. so Must glow your home because Burglars hate light. they do not wish to be considered as they Perform their Illegal acts. trim the bushes and trees in your yard. Dense shrubbery and bushes just give burglars a place to cover up.

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Good tips

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I know. :wink: It just is funny to see what they post sometimes. Like anyone would buy anything from them.

On another forum whose community was predominantly guys in their late teens, one tried to advertise Spongebob toys. It was probably due to the fact that a few admins at the time were bronies.
There are also a lot of spambots who were banned and had the posts deleted, but not the memberships deleted, for unusual sex toys on that site, probably due to the internet-joking promiscuity between the regulars of that site.

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