Titan II Missile, ft. Thunderbolt Siren!

Well, you know how I have an interest in rockets, so imagine my surprise when I watch this video about the former ICBMs used by the US only to see a Thunderbolt 1003! I know some of y’all have an interest in tornado/air raid sirens, so I figured I’d show you!
Also, if you watch further videos about the Titan II launch procedure, it is very sobering. The Cold War were certainly dark days for the US.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I LOVED seeing that thunderbolt, very cool stuff. I would definitely want to visit that museum.

On a more positive note, though, the Titan II rocket was also used to launch the successful Gemini program into orbit, the very same program that taught the US how to perform spacewalks and to dock with other craft in orbit.

A Titan II missle and silo were used in the filming of Star Trek: Generations for the Phoenix and it’s launch site.