Found this on eBay. First off, the strobe does have the 7002-style font on it. Second, note that the sounderplate does appear to be black. And third, note that the grille is of the vandal-resistant type! There’s also a pic of the back of the alarm, and it clearly says 7002-24 on the horn. I don’t think the horn was taken out and put in a new alarm because as to my knowledge, the horn doesn’t come out. Could this may be an “interm” alarm made between the two series? Very odd…

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Also note there’s wire leads instead of screw terminals.

Man, that guy is a ripoff. $39 for an alarm that old is outrageous!

Hey, I got my NIB 7002T for a bargain compared to what other people wanted. There were two auctions up for used ones and they ranged from $50-$70. Now THAT’S outrageous!

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Yes. Wheelock made those in 1985 when they began to shift their product line to the “T” series. That seems to be the only year they were made. They also changed their name from “Wheelock Signals Inc” to just “Wheelock Inc” that year.

The way you can tell is by the date code on the back. It’s stamped “2885”, meaning it was manufactured the 28th week of 1985 which happens to be sometime in July. Almost all Wheelock products use this dating method.

Here’s the actual story

The 7002 and 7002T were released at the same time, both with an open grille. The only difference is the “T” series has screw terminals instead of pigtail connectors. It’s just that during the early years, the pigtail models were more popular, which is why you see open-grille 7002s more often. Around late 1984, the grille was redesigned to be tamper-resistant; and the regular 7002 was discontinued shortly thereafter because by that time, Wheelock figured the 7002Ts were easier to install.

Even though this particular alarm mentioned has a closed grille, it’s a 7002 and not a 7002T simply because it has pigtails.

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