“Toy” FACP



Search engines can be wacky like that.

Man that’s one hell of a toy fire alarm :joy::joy:


dude where can i get one?

You want that fire-lite panel ??

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no, i want the toy fire alarm.

I want the ES-50! It would be my first panel

Not only is such a panel extremely expensive (though most are), I wouldn’t recommend it for your first panel as it’s addressable: it’s always a good idea to start with conventional panels instead.

I want the kidde FX-64RD
Good panel and a small panel

Unless he knows how to make a addressable system.
Which I doubt

honestly, a custom panel would probably be the best first panel, because it is cheaper, and you can make it to your requirements.

Maybe, but unless you have a lot of electrical knowhow I wouldn’t recommend that either.

i have that knowhow. besides, it would be very primitive.

I would recommend you getting a small conventional panel

I just looked it up and it looks nice
S.E.R Safety has one

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all you need is an SPST relay and (depending on what you specifically want) system sensor MDL, Wheelock DSM, or DC square wave oscillator(s). anything else is just optional.