Train538's Collection

Top row: Fire-Lite BG-12 (branded as Notifier Fire Systems), Edwards K-278B-1120(?) (branded as GE)

Middle row (all SpectraAlert/System Sensor): Classic SP2C2475, SP2R241575, Classic P241575, Advance P2R, low frequency P2WH-LF, PC241575W

Bottom row: EST G1RF-VM, EST G4RF-S7VM, Wheelock E70-24MCW-FR, Wheelock ASWP-2475W-FR (accidentally purchased outdoor model instead of indoor :lol: ), Edwards 896B-001, Edwards 895B-201

Cool! What’s the difference between those last two Edwards signals?

The 896B-001 is a speaker/strobe.

Looks good so far! I really do wanna see the Edwards 895B-201 is action though.