Trekkies or Star Wars?

Star Wars or Star Trek

  • Trekkie!
  • Star Wars all the way!
  • I don’t like either…
  • What the heck is Star Wars or Star Trek?! O_o
  • I like both! (Cause i’m a rebel. :3 )

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I was wondering whether people here like Star trek or Star Wars. The poll is to determine that. But I want you to post: If Star Trek, which movie or series? If Star Wars which movie or SW:Clone Wars or SW: Rebels Or the Lego Star Wars Series?

I’ve never seen either so I guess I don’t like either :lol:

Longtime Star Trek fan here. My favorite series would probably be TNG, followed by DS9 (very underrated, I highly recommend it), and of course, the original series. I never got into Star Wars much, though.

TNG was the last series Gene actually work on. It was the best one besides Voyager. (Also underrated by most critics but I liked the character development.)

The only Star Trek I’ve ever watched is TNG, and only up into the 5th season, but what I watched was good.

I don’t really watch either to be honest, I think I would get bored watching either of them in my opinion

TNG, original, Voyager, enterprise, DS9(Currently watching)