Tripping the alarm upon entering or exiting a store.

When I enter or exit a store, I’ve been tripping the alarms lately. Does anyone know why this would be? Whenever I walk through an alarm tower at a store, it always beeps. What could be causing this?

Do you have anything magnetic on you? Remember, those alarms are tripped by magnetic patterns.

lol this happened to me one night – I walked into a supermarket, a CVS and an Old Navy store and set the alarms off in every single one.

I then discovered a magnetic tag (Not an ink tag) attached to my winter coat labeled “Remove after purchase” that was supposed to be removed by the clothing store… but wasn’t.

I found it by holding parts of my jacket in the security barrier at Old Navy until I found it, then the clerk let me borrow scissors to cut it off.

LOL, and you were walking around with that on.

LOL, why are we saying LOL so much? :mrgreen:

I say lol a lot, lol.

When I was in youth sizes, I got pants from Old Navy, and I had frequently forgotten to cut those out, causing this.

They didn’t cause the alarm to beep when you took them out of Old Navy after you bought them? They only caused alarms to beep after you had already got them out of Old Navy?

Out of curiosity, when you say “got”, do you mean purchased, or did you just leave with then?

Lol I hope he purchased thjem.

Yeah. Otherwise, it would be shoplifting, which is the whole purpose of stores having alarms at the doors.

I was jokeing

Never happened to me, though once the alarm at my college library went off when I went through it, though that was just because it was malfunctioning.

All I can say is RUN :lol:

Yup. Run and get ARRESTED!! :lol:

What I mean is that that’s where I would purchase the jeans that I would always wear from, so when I was wearing a pair and walked into the store, it would sometimes trip the alarm.

Years ago I wore a jacket that I bought from Walmart, to Walmart, and when I left the store, the alarm went off. It did not do that when I walked in. The employees were just staring at my leaving as the alarm went off. That could have been bad if I had actually stole something.

It probably would be best to freeze and wait for the employees to go through your stuff to help you.