Trouble connecting strobe plate

I made a mini voice evac system with an MP3 board player, and when I trigger it with a pull station, I can get the simplex 2902-9732 speaker to play the message, but I also want to add a 4903-9101 strobe plate that also starts flashing when the pull station is triggered. I don’t know how to wire it in correctly. I’m using a 24v dc adapter for the board.

there’s a topic on how to connect 24v thru a pull station to a notification appliance

They need to be two separate circuits. 1 for voice, 1 for the strobe. How is the board wired right now?

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I have 2 wires coming in for the pull station, 2 wires going out to the speaker, and 2 wires coming in for power.

Think you could upload a picture of the wiring? Or at least the model number of the board you’re using.


I assume the power that runs through your pull station is 24 volts, and goes into the “DC Input” terminals on that board. If so, you can tap off of those terminals to bring positive and negative from that power supply to the strobe like this:

I’m unfamiliar with the board, so if you’re doing something with the TX / RX I’ll need to get a better understanding of how those relays are configured.

TX and RX are used for serial connection, these can be used with an Arduino or something similar to send hex data to the board to play any file ( Including files that are unplayable with the 4 triggers.), pause, shutdown… and other things. I know this because i was debugging a 10 zone board for a project similar to this one.

This design with a SPDT relay should work in theory.

The relay coil is attached to any of the K Triggers, these K Triggers should be pull stations if programmed on mode 1.

When the trigger is activated, it would turn on the relay and power the strobes with audio until the trigger is turned off.

(Fixed strobe out from relay NC to NO, if wired like it was originally, the strobe would flash until the circuit is activated, then turn off.)


Could you provide a link to where I can buy an SPDT relay?

This should work…

ze amazon link