Trouble light on but no zones indicated

I have an EST Fireshield FS1004 that has the main trouble light lit but none of the zones are lit. All lamps work. Are there any other causes of this condition? Dan

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Is the power light on? If not, might be an issue with the AC power. Too bad I can’t find any reliable resources that indicate what each trouble is. Normally, the power and trouble LED will be on simultaneously during resets, but that should stop once it’s done resetting.

Has it been stuck on that light combo? Did you try tripping a zone and seeing if it goes into alarm?

Yes it does go into alarm. Everything works except the SIGNAL SILENCE Button. I have to use the RESET button to silence the Horns and Strobes.

The NACs might be set to either non-silenceable or Genesis sync (or signal silence inhibit is enabled). Are you able to program your FireShield?

It’s an old system,not progammable. Not digital. Class B with EOLRs

Beginning to think that the board is compromised.

There’s actually programming options on this. There’s a jumper on the board that needs to be connected and you can program via the LEDs.

It’s on a slightly different spot for the 10-zone panel (I have one but it’s buried in stuff). Set that and you can make some changes. It’s possible there’s an option set that gives you that trouble (i.e. missing annunciator, etc.). Hopefully you have a jumper for it, give it a try…

Hmmm interesting. What would I program it with or view what’s already programmed. I’m a retired electrician who has installed numerous systems from 1970 thru 2006. Simplex systems for institutional use but also many Edwards systems in housing and apt applications. I’m familiar with the wiring and how they work but not the programming. Do you know of any literature concerning this topic?

*I’m just a hobbyist, as a side note.

There should be a jumper as I marked in the image above, just set it in the plugs and you’re in programming, no extra tools needed.

Here are the options for programming:

  • Load Defaults (wipes config)
  • Find annunciators (if set, could cause a trouble if none are installed)
  • NAC auto silence
  • Resettable 24 VDC power
  • Signal silence inhibit
  • IDC zone type
  • IDC class (A/B)
  • NAC class (A/B)
  • NAC outputs (signal coding)
  • NAC silenceable

I pulled this from the official manual:
Hope this helps.

The jumper was in the panel on the terminals. I found the same info as you and did a factory default reset. Lo and behold the trouble light went out and I have a green light panel. Amazing. Thanks a million for your help Nick Dan

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