Truealert cover

So, I am a collector like many of us are, and I just purchased a Truealert. It is a horn/strobe and it is a white model. I would like to get a red cover for it just so I can swap them out if I chose. I like the white ones, but the school I am in has red ones and it just makes sense if it is possible. Anyone know where I could only the cover?

Try eBay. They might have a red cover for the TrueAlert. If they don’t have one, you can ask somebody if you can have a red TrueAlert cover.

I just did a quick ebay search, tons of skirts(Backbox covers) and lots of red STROBE model covers without the grille. I didnt see any hornstrobe versions

The entire devices themselves, not just the cover, show up on ebay a lot. They’re often not extremely expensive. It may be worth just being a little patient and one will show up.

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There you go, not too bad of a price.

This what you are looking for?

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Your link for the cover is probably more towards what he asked about, but for the same price as that cover, you could buy the one in my link and have the whole thing.

The 4904-9332 you posted is a SmartSync model, so unless he has a SmartSync adapter or a Simplex panel then it would be useless to him.

The alarms strobe will flash once, and only once until you get a SmartSync adapter. Then it will work properly. Also, the alarm may not sync properly without a SmartSync adapter. So, you must get the adapter, or else the alarm won’t work.

When the device is a “sync strobe” it will flash once when power is disconnected from the alarm. These devices are synced by brief power interruptions in the NAC circuit. However, SmartSync uses coded pulses from an adapter or compatible panel, and the device will not flash or sound the horn at all until it receives these pulses.

So, unless you have a SmartSync adapter, you should stay away from SmartSync alarms.

That’s assuming he wants to activate it. If he just collects it for looks, it really doesn’t matter.