Trying to Find 1990s Simplex Data Sheets for the 4903 Series

I’m wanting to find the data sheets for the Simplex 4903 series FreeRun horn strobes from the 1990s, particularly alarms like the 4903-9217 and the 4903-9238. I spent awhile looking on Simplex’s website, and the closest things I got were the data sheet for the 4901-9822, which appears to be a horn-only version of the 4903-9238, and the data sheet for the 4903-9252. Anyone know where to find them?

Fire Alarm Resources has SOME but not a lot… May be worth a look though!

For example, here’s the datasheet for the 49034904 light plates: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … Plates.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

Here’s everything Simplex Notification Appliances on the site there, but sadly I do not see the particular datasheet you’re looking for. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ppliances/”>Simplex Notification Appliances - Fire Alarm Resources - Free Fire Alarm Manuals, Catalogs, Software, and More</LINK_TEXT>

I also found an older installation manual:

AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

After some further Googling, I was able to find the data sheet for the 4903-9236! I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else some time in the future is looking for it. Thanks again for your help, Zach!