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My college has a SpectAlert ceiling only speaker/strobe in some of the hallways so System Sensor does make speaker only ceiling mounts. Not sure about the horns.

Do you mount your horns all around your house?

I was talking about the horns, but you are correct about the speakers.

I only have a “mini” system on one wall of my room, so no. I might be getting a larger system that will still only be contained in my bedroom.

What happened to the smoke

I think I explained this in the video, but I carelessly tested it with a match, and burned the plastic.

Oh so that is a heat as well

Yes, it is a photoelectric detector with a built in thermal sensor.


Is it fixed heat? If that is so, isn’t it useless now?

It is fixed temperature, BUT it is a thermal sensor, not a heat detector, so it is reusable.

That’s nice because its more then 1 time use

Yes, I like it. My new detectors have the built in thermal sensors. I can test them with just a hair dryer set to hot. :smiley:

my chemotronics 601 is rate of rise and fixed so that is nice