Two interesting stories that happened in my city|main5|dl4|sec1_lnk2|98220

-This one is about Wayne Simmonds of the flyers, having a banana thrown at him during a overtime shootout. The police of my city are trying to find the culprit responsible for this really pathetic incident. I find it pretty racist, and I can’t believe there’s people out there who are stupid enough to do this, as I’ve heard this has happened before in other sports as well.

-This one involves a teenager getting tasered by a cop, which hit him in his ear and chest. The cop hadn’t warned him about it, and just pretty much tased him. With this incident, the mother of the teen was upset with the actions of the police, as well as lots of other people, which caused protests to begin in front of the police station. The teen is getting charged, but his family is also laying charges on the cops as well. I thought that it was stupid for the cops to taser the teen without warning, and they could’ve resolved this situation without it.

Any thoughts?

Wow. Those are some stories alright.

The first one was very racist indeed. Black people and white people are no different from each other except for the color of their skin. The keywords aren’t “white” and “black”. The keyword is PEOPLE. Black, White, Hispanic or Asian, we’re all people, and everyone deserves the same amount of respect. After all, no one group of people is better than another. We all ROCK. We all have extraordinary capabilities too. NO ONE should be singled out because of their race. I’d say that that idiot who threw the banana has issues. I mean I’m very aware that this isn’t the first time people have been singled out like this, but it’s just that I’m a firm believer in equal opportunity for everyone.

As for the second story, I do think that the officer could’ve given some sort of warning, especially where the person was only a teen. He wouldn’t have needed to wait that long before incapacitating him, but he should’ve had some sort of warning. I can understand that the officer didn’t want the fight to escalate, but still he’s only a teen.

That’s just my two cents