Tyco Integrated Security Fire Alarm Systems

Hi All,

I have come across two “Tyco Integrated Security by Honeywell” fire alarm systems, both of which have rebranded Fire-Lite ANN-80 annunciators, System Sensor detectors, and BG-12LX pulls. Signals, on both, are SpectrAlert Advances.

One of them is installed in our veterinarian’s new office, and I’m pretty sure the signals are actually CHSR chime/strobes, as I was driving by one day and I thought I heard chimes (the strobes were definitely active).

The other is at our Volvo dealership, which just completed its full renovations (and the service costs reflect it too :shock: ). The signals are PC2W and SCW devices throughout the sales area, service lobby/waiting room, and offices. The service bay has P2R horn/strobes. I’m not sure what it replaced, but there is evidence of a former signal in the form of an old, blank-plated Wheelock weatherproof backbox in the workshop behind the service clerk’s window.

I assume these systems are just Fire-Lite/Notifier/Gamewell-FCi clones. However, will we see the AT-branded systems begin to disappear? I am fuly aware that Tyco owns AT and uses Honeywell stuff mostly for A*T fire systems…

tyco split off ADT and tyco integrated security, and from my understanding at the time they had a gentlemen’s agreement that ADT would only focus on residential and tyco would get the small business market. meanwhile simplex (also owned by tyco) kept the mid-sized to large markets. i think at that time the tyco rebranded panels probably came about, as tyco security was focusing on those customers and those were installed instead of the adt panels.

that agreement came to an end about a year ago i think and tyco is now competing directly with adt for those same customers… so it’s probably a toss up on whether or not you’ll see a tyco rebranded panel or an adt rebranded panel, but i think you’ll definitely see adt panels coming back into that market.

to add to the confusion, johnson controls recently bought tyco, which won’t change anything for awhile but who knows where they will be at in 5 years. on the surface it’d make sense to oem simplex panels instead of honeywell panels (since you know, tyco, and now JCI, own simplex), but seeing as both tyco and JCI have historically rebranded honeywell panels… might not ever happen, or might be awhile.