U-MMT Acting Strange

One day when I was making some audio recordings of some of my alarms (more on this will be for a different topic) then, I’ve noticed that my U-MMT was making some strange rattling noises. For some odd reason, this only happens when I hook it up to my BG-10 pull station when it’s not pulled. I’ve tried hooking up the light switch I have and two of my Simplex T-Bars (4251-20 and 2099-9754) to the U-MMT, and it didn’t seem to make that “rattling noise”. I’ve hooked up different alarms (34T, MT, etc.) to the BG-10 and they didn’t make any noise whatsoever.

Here is a video of an audio file (apparently since I can’t simply attach an audio file to this post for some reason) of what the rattling noise sounded like (when set to Code-3):

For the record, only the horn was wired up.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Actually, I don’t believe you can attach audio files to posts. (I would have been able to edit that part of the initial post of this topic, but since I couldn’t, I was forced to quote it.)

Check for a small resistor on your bg-10’s screw terminals. If you see one, cut it off.

Sorry to bump a really old topic, but I finally managed to cut of the resistor off my BG-10 (the day before posting this). I just tested it out by hooking up my BG-10 to the horn, and, as luck would have it, there was no rattling noise.

Since this issue has been resolved, feel free to have this topic locked.

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