Unimode 10

Is there anyone familiar with the Unimode10 panel? The problem I am having is a failure to communicate (“PH 1”). The problem just started 01Jun13; all was OK up thru 31May13. Weird, huh? Any help is welcomed. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, the Unimide 10 looks like this, correct?

(Yes, that is a Unimode 5, but that and the Unimode 10 are the same panel, with the exception of the number of zones.)

you’ll have to disable the dialer, I know it can be done on an MS-5012 and I’d imagine it’s the same or similar on that. I remember programming one of those and needing ADT’s installer code for it.

The phone line monitor looks for 48V central office voltage. I’ve managed to temporarily “fool” panels by using a toner set set to the talk battery position, but it may still try to dial out and will generate a comm failure.

When placed in the Telco Test Mode, the phone line LEDs, 1 & 2, each light when selected, and the 48/49vdc is present at the two test pins. The programmed phone numbers are still programmed in the memory, but the system won’t connect to central station any more.