Unknown Standard Electric Time Company Panel

Attached to this post are three images I took of some form of Fire Alarm panel. I found it in a storage closet at my school in a box labeled for t-shirts. As for background on the school, this particular wing where it was found was built in 1963 and opened sometime in 1964. The school never had a “complete” Fire Alarm System until 2008, when an older EST panel (put in during 2000 with Gentex Horn/Strobes) that controlled the newer wing and South Gym built in 1999-2000 was ripped out and a single EST 3 panel was placed into the same utility closest as the Standard panel was (presumable, since it was found 5 feet from the EST 3 system.)

Anyways, anyone with any information, please share. All of my research doesn’t really point to anything, I am now going to dig through old manuals and catalogs to try and find this thing.

The Standard Electric panels were usually pretty basic systems - no real zones or controls on the panels themselves. In fact, the two systems I’ve worked on basically you put the pull stations in alarm the bells ring, reset the pull station they stop. These two panels look pretty clean, although half of the terminal block is missing screws and looks like one of the relays is missing it’s cover.

There is a plastic cover the is towards the bottom of the panel. It’s a clear plastic thing, just kinda there. There is also a pile of screws inside the panel, most likely for the blocks. I think you you see both those things in the picture. This panel is in extremely nice condition.

The relay in the upper left is plugged into an octal (8 pin) socket. The plastic cover is probably from that relay. These style relays were used a lot in old fire alarm panels, like a 4208. The pin out drawing on the cover shows the coil and contact arrangement. Looks unique, like it was custom manufactured for this panel. The relay at the lower right is an old open frame type. These usually handled higher current than the plug in types.

Interesting. Would this be more of a inverter and relay for a bell circuit and pull station?