Unsafe Fire Alarm System in Movie Theater

While going to a new movie theater while visiting family, I was looking for pull stations and speaker/horns and strobes, and annunciators. what I found were PS-SA’s for the pull stations (single action, conventional, key-lock BG12) branded by Silent Knight. For notification, they had Wheelock E50 speaker strobes, and some exceeder strobe-only devices in the bathrooms. I can only assume that this system was a Silent Knight conventional voice evac system. I did not spot any smokes. while walking in, I did not notice an annunciator, but that is not too uncommon where I was. while leaving the theater, I did notice a SK-5860W annunciator. from afar, I saw four lights on, one of which was the “GENERAL ALARM” light. I walked over to the annunciator, and looked. the system was in alarm, silenced, and had troubles. since the alarm was taking up the screen, I did not know how many troubles there were, but the alarm was in zone 1, which was ALL PULLS! because this was a conventional system, and all of the pulls were on the same zone (it was a pretty small theater) if anyone had seen a fire and gone to pull the alarm, the alarm would not sound. I did not get any pictures of the acctual annunciator, but I have a stock photo from rybbfirealarm.com.

Annunciator (Credit to rybbfirealarm.com/product/silent-knight-sk-5860w-remote-annunciator)

Speaker/Strobes (Credit to https://firealarm.com/product/wheelock-e50-24mcw-fr)

Pull stations (Credit to Silent Knight SK-PULL-SA Single Action Pull Station)

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The SK-5860 is for use with the following panels, which are all addressable:
Silent Knight SK-5700
Silent Knight SK-5808
Silent Knight SK-5820XL
Silent Knight SK-5820XL-EVS
Silent Knight SK-6700
Silent Knight SK-6808
Silent Knight SK-6820
Silent Knight SK-6820EVS
Given you say the system is voice-capable it could be an SK-5820XL-EVS, an SK-6820EVS, or one of the other listed Silent Knight FACPs with a separate voice panel. Don’t know why the system would say “Zone 1” if it’s addressable though (addressable systems have points rather than zones).

Hard to believe the theater staff are completely ignoring everything the system’s telling them: if they had any sense they’d get a technician from their local service company out immediately to check the system over (which is what I’d advise you to tell them to do).

The system could be using monitor modules.

True, yeah, but I believe it’s not that common to use addressable systems as conventional. The SK-PULL-SA is also addressable, meaning they would have to be used with an addressable panel.

Or Flex Puts which can be used as zones I believe.

I’m sorry, I misspoke about the model. I did not know the model of the pull off the top of my head, so I looked it up, and chose the closest-looking one. It was not addressable, as it was not polling (as Honeywell systems do), and I even looked into the pull station and saw no module.

the pulls were not addressable, I misspoke about the model. I also did alert the staff to get a technician

@TheCarson116 I also only can assume that the panel has voice capabilities, as there were Wheelock E50’s, which are speakers

Hmm, could be an addressable panel being used as a conventional one then (not sure if Silent Knight’s ever had conventional versions of their SK-PULL-series though).

Ah okay, good: hopefully that’ll get the issues resolved.

Yeah: like I said though it could be one of Silent Knight’s two voice-capable panels or one of the other ones I listed together with a separate voice panel like the SKE-450.

Just a side note: you can edit your posts if you forgot to include something in them (rather than posting multiple ones).

Thanks @TheCarson116