Unusual? Gamewell Century

Is this non-key reset, dual-action version of the Century rare? I’ve seen pictures of the DA lever with the key reset, but none without.

I found this Century in a community college. For those curious, no, I’m not sure what the panel is. I do know that another building connected to this one has an E3-style annunciator. Both of them have more modern A/Vs (think Wheelock E70s and System Sensor SPSRs) although there are older Wheelock A/Vs in other parts of the campus.

Yes. That dual action only plate ( 30653 ) is pretty rare

Really? I have a local theater that has lots of the Gamewell Centurys with the dual action covers.

Are they the dual action only? Or the key reset versions?

its visible in the picture. it looks screw reset dual action

No, i’m talking about the other ones that 4099 is talking about

the ones at my theater are dual action only, no key lock.

The panel is a Gamewell Flex 510 10 Zone FACP. the NA’s are Gamewell rebranded Wheelock NS’s. the detectors are System Sensor mechanical heat detectors