"Unusual" Hobbies

Anyone have a hobby that not many people seem to be into?
For me that would be defibrillators, under the case they’re complex and interesting devices. Really not all that different from people who like cars which are complex and interesting machines. Unfortunately there seems to be like five other people as remotely interested in defibrillators as I am that don’t work at a manufacturer of defibrillators.
Anyone else have a hobby that only you seem to be interested in?

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Soft play ball machines, more specifically ones that vacuum up the balls and put them in another part of the soft play structure, i.e. the other end of the ball pit/ball pool, and ones that vacuum up the balls into a chamber, that then opens up when the timer controlling the vacuum fan runs out.
Picture from r/DIYUK on Reddit:

A hobby that not many people seem to be into…umm…
Stage technology, in my case. To be specific, sound reinforcement systems and stage lighting sets.It’s an INSANELY COOL THING to operate mixing desks & light boards in school shows. I also pay attention to these devices whenever I enter a venue equipped with them

I also have a 6-channel analog mixing desk with built-in DSP FX module myself, mainly using it for recording & karaoke purposes.

Yo, I worked backstage at my theatre and I loved it! I absolutely miss operating all the boards we had.

I also found that it’s a true pleasure making all the miracles on stage happen and making the show possible. Just imagine the moment when the curtain closes and the audience goes into a standing ovation.

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Curious that if you’re really fond of Japanese fire alarm systems… Bousai means fire & disaster prevention in Japanese and your profile icon shows a pushbutton-type “pull station” (Kasai Hochiki) which is used widely in Japan

Yes, I do have some interest. I’m from the States but I liked the Japanese term for “disaster prevention”, hence my username.

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