Update on KDAlarms

Yeah, 2024 has been crazy so far
I’ve had two people outside of the fire alarm community betray me and I thought they were my friends
I deleted my Foxy the Wolf YouTube channel and I stopped being a furry because of the two people in the furry fandom who betrayed me
Also I finally mostly conquered my fear of the stuffing machine at my local Build a Bear Workshop on Tuesday
But I am excited to announce that I am doing much better now


Glad to hear that. Best of luck that it keeps on being good from now on.

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Currently got family over for my grandma’s birthday as she’s coming over to my house for a surprise birthday event

Ngl, I’d love to get my hands on some more alarm stuff but it’s finding alarm stuff that’s difficult for me at the moment

It’s been fun but it’s over now
Thx for everything

What? What ever happened to things improving for you?

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I’m sorry
Things are just stressful at the moment

Oh, okay. Hope they start improving again soon!

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Who knows tbh

Yeah sorry but I can’t do this anymore