[Updated 2021] What is 'The Suggestion Box?'

With the addition of the site having been transferred to Discourse, there’s obviously a lot of changes to see! We want to re-iterate how important it is to us to get your feedback, the site is now VERY different from before. So take some time to get used to it, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

The suggestion box is a place for users to give forum feedback, request changes to how we do things, and discuss the ideas behind that with admins/moderators. We do want your feedback, and while we’ve made many changes already, we want to ensure we’re checking all the boxes.

While I have gone through literally every post in ‘The Suggestion Box’ some of the ideas didn’t age well, some have already been implemented, and some of them we could possibly re-visit. We want to create a forum experience that works for our community, with out over-doing it.

So use this area to tell us what works, what doesn’t, and what other changes you may want to see!