URL: Need of a home security service

Howdy people! I have been seeking my friends’ and relatives’ opinions on finding the right security system for our house. There have been mixed opinions. My basic requirements are

1: The installed alert system should be controlled by my family and me anywhere, anytime.

2: During any mishaps, while we are absent, the central system should do the necessary work in providing a legitimate alert to the police departments.

3: Patrol duties carried out by professionals. Mobile patrols are preferred.

I have heard about this home security system (<LINK_TEXT text=“Our Service Areas | CSP Alarms … m-toronto/”>Home Security Monitoring Services in Toronto | CSP Alarms</LINK_TEXT>). Which system should I go for? If you guys know any better options, please do pitch in. I’m confused. Anyway, thanks in advance.

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SimpliSafe might be something worth looking into. It’s a DIY system so you just order all the parts you need, place them around the house, and then sign up for their monitoring service. You can remotely arm and disarm the system from your phone, and the system will automatically contact the monitoring center and dispatch the police if an alarm goes off. Here’s their website.

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