Using fire alarm speakers for PA announcements and background music

In my area it is common for Walmart stores to have fire alarm speaker/strobes that are also used for PA announcements and playing music. Does this vary with code as to whether or not it is allowed? I have read that in Canada fire alarm speakers are not allowed to be used for music. I don’t know about PA announcements though.

I’m not entirely sure about code but I know that quite a few voice evacuation panels can have an external music source hooked into them. The panel automatically stops the music from playing when it broadcasts a message. I’m also not sure about the PA part, though if you wanted to you COULD go to where the panel is (or with some systems like Wheelock’s SAFEPATH a remote microphone station), open the panel, unhook the microphone from its holder, & talk over all the speakers in the system using it. I’m going to assume that most buildings with voice evacuation systems usually have a separate PA system though.

I’ve actually been to I think at least 2 Walmarts that had voice evac systems that played music (all the others used traditional horn/strobes instead). Both had Wheelock S8s inside & one had at least 1 Wheelock ET70WP-2475W-FR outside.

Walmart stores built since the late 2000s decade in my area have voice evac speakers which are also used for PA announcements and music. Older Walmarts around here have horn/strobes.

Where I live, the code states you cannot use the fire alarm system for anything other than fire alarm. The Ontario Building Code, which I follow, has a direct code: (3) Audible signal devices forming part of a fire alarm or voice communication system shall not be used for playing music or background noise.