vacuum cleaners.

Anyone here have an interest in vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners, light fixtures, air vents… Make up your mind!

Anyway, I guess I have a small interest. I noticed vacuums when I was a kid but not really anymore. Especially the older ones…

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Instead of making all of these random threads about random interests, why don’t you just make one called something like “What Are Your Interests?”

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Yeah, I might do that. Sounds like a good idea.

This is a guy who was interested in vacuum cleaners.

I remember a long time ago a short-lived TV show where celebrities would bet on a guest’s ability to do something and whether the guest would be able to complete the task. The bets were for charity. I don’t remember exactly how the show went… but I do remember one day when a kid came on the show who claimed to be able to identify the make and model of about 25 different vacuum cleaners just by the sound it made.
And he did.

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I like vacuum cleaners, especially Dyson vacuum cleaners, the older models, the newer ones aren’t as good.