Very Informative Fire Alarm Website

Hello members,

I was referred to this forum by the administrator, Andrew and have to say I am pretty impressed. With that said, we have a great website revolving around the fire alarm industry including but not limited to programming, installation, service, codes, NICET, and general industry knowledge. We also have a Facebook group with nearly 400 members all directly related to this industry with experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Feel free to check out the site/group and let me know if you have any questions.

Website (
Facebook Group (Fire Alarms Online for NICET)

I’ve ran into your website and videos a couple of times. I was very thankful. You guys are the only community I have seen teach conduit bending.

Welcome Kyle! Your site and Facebook group are very informative indeed. Most of us here are hobbyists and we greatly appreciate any accessible source to learn more about the industry and fire alarm systems in the “real” world. Thanks for all of the effort you’ve put into your site and your diligence in responding to both professional and hobbyist posts on Facebook.