Very loud screaming beep from my smoke detector

For a week now my smoke detector which is hard wired and also has a battery started beeping one loud screaming beep a day for 5 days. Then yesterday it screamed four times extremely loud one beep. I took it down and disconnected it from hardwire and stuck it in the garage because it keeps beeping. I went out and bought a new smoke detector that is battery operated only. I stuck it up in the ceiling over top the hard wires. This beeping continues. About once every 30 minutes. . I don’t know if it’s the old hard wires that are screaming or if it’s the brand new smoke detector. I can’t get this to stop. Is it Even possible that a loud piercing beep could come from the hole in the ceiling where the old smoke detector was. Thanks for any response

As I believe I’ve seen people say on other sites there could very well be a second detector in the ceiling above the first: try poking around up there if you can.

If it’s the exact same loud beeping and you don’t hear it directly from the detector you replaced. You’ll need to go into the attic if it has one of those malfunctioning detectors. It might not have anything to do with the wires if that one is battery operated.

If the detector is interconnected with other alarms in the home, it could be that something is up with the wiring causing it to trigger. If you pull it down does the issue continue? And have you confirmed you’re hearing it from that one detector and not somewhere or something else? Maybe something up in the attic?


It’s been 2 hours now without a single screaming beep so perhaps it’s been fixed. Thank you for your reply

It’s been 2 hours now since the last beep so perhaps the issue has fixed itself. Thank you for your reply.

It’s been 2 hours since the last beep so perhaps it has fixed itself… Thank you for your reply.