VERY RARE Amseco FS1-1 Horn Strobe


Tell me what you think!

Really weird. Looks like a VALS that got smushed and sounds like a Wheelock AES. Is that the only tone it does?

It does have an interesting look to it, and yes that is the only tone.

Damn! Where do you keep finding this stuff?

If I’m honest, it looks and sounds ugly, even if it is rare.

Ive gotten the same question about almost every alarm i own, one word… eBay.

I can only imagine the god-awful noise those would make after getting out of sync in a building :lol:

How bright is the strobe? Hard to tell from the video.

I’m not being rude but to me that Is one weird looking fire alarm and don’t forget to check out my YouTube emilliomelendez

lol, It is one weird looking alarms, thats for sure.

Oh god no!! That would be insane!! :roll:

The strobe is not bright at all.

I recently got a FS1-1 sounder-only unit w/ instructions that cover the SL2 strobe and its ratings are:

0.73 cd for the 24V version,

0.48 cd for the 12V version.

Good to know, so my units strobe rating is 0.73CD. I had picked up one of those FS1-1 Sounder only units while they were on ebay as well. I believe i got it yesterday, just haven’t gotten around to opening packages yet.