Vintage Simplex Time Recorder brochures/leaflets!

These are binder inserts (apparently meant for time/fire alarm sales reps or something) I found on eBay and saved photos of (the second is still listed actually.) These are only of the front and the inside, IDK what’s on the back (probably not that much.)

This first one is from 1967:

Back then, time systems and recorders was Simplex’s main priority. I recognize that master time panel, because the elementary school I went to for grades 1-6 had one in the main office (built in 1971, in 2000 it was replaced with a Lathem time control unit.)
Note that “vibrating horns” are listed as a type of signal available; it looks like a Simplex 4040 with a single-projector horn.

Larger version
They don’t have that much about fire alarms in this, but it’s still interesting. It mentions AC Simplex systems (basically an overview), and the even rarer 4211 DC systems! The Simplex 4246, 4247 and apparently the 4217 could all be customized with Selective Code, Master Code and March Time modules (wonder if they had 90bpm March Time like 2001s did?) along with the ability to have the modules installed separately along the panel or in the same housing. The Simplex 4211 systems (obviously, for signals they would’ve used Simplex 4041 horns back then) were rarer, because I think back then DC systems were more expensive. They could have fan relay, door release, station connection with drill switch, even a trouble buzzer (the other alternative would usually be a 4-inch Trouble bell.)
Also note all the custom Simplex clocks on the right. Simplex still offers custom clocks, even though they’ve discontinued the 6400 master time panels…

This one is from 1973:

Note it has the “globe” logo, like my 4051 horns do.

Larger version.
I have that “Custom 4” Simplex clock, but it has the “hourglass S” Simplex logo on it. Also note that now it has a Faraday chime pictured, along with a Faraday single-projector for horns (probably Simplex 4050s would be used during this time.) The electronic signal generator might be what my high school possibly had (their Simplex 6400 master time panel does appear to be covering up a large cabinet, but their speakers were Dukane, not Simplex.)
I didn’t know Simplex made parking control products, too. I wonder how long that lasted…
Note that for fire alarms, all Simplex had for panels at this time was the 4208 series. The only signal it mentions though are bells, no horns or visual signals (I know the 4050-80 light plates have been around since at least 1972.) Note how the DC system pictured is abnormally smaller (Unless that’s really an annunciator, but I could be wrong.) 4208s had variable sizes (the Davis K-8 school’s 4208 is a DC system with a cabinet the size of the large AC one here.) The annunciator pictured also resembles the kind that was used until the early 1980s on 2001 systems (real Simplex 4207/4208 annunciators I’ve seen typically have two bays instead of four.) It also looks like they reused the bell photo for “smoke detection” (they had early wiffle-ball-like detectors back then, I think), along with a 4262-5 ionization smoke detector, 4255-1 heat detector and 4251-20 pull station also pictured.

Just felt like sharing :smiley:

Here are two pages from a Simplex catalog brochure covering the 4017 Type bells that have the old terminal board/clip connector.

I received it from Glenn James of who told me it came from a school custodian who visited with a Simplex rep that he bought some hardware from.

The cross out marks and emphasized areas was done by the Simplex rep.

Ed Burmett

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