Real nice.

Not a big fan of the Honeywell but it’s versatile enough. Plus it has an addressable circuit and I have a few addressable smokes. The “addressable” on these panels is really slow and sluggish when you go beyond a few dozen addressable devices, and it’s even worse if you mix addressable fire stuff with addressable intrusion detectors. Good for small applications, I guess. I can’t convert entirely to addressable because I don’t have enough addressable smokes.

The “Fire Sys. Normal” is a trademark I program on all systems I connect to via my laptop. by default, it says “disarmed, ready to arm” even if it’s fire only. I’ve found that this isn’t entirely true though, since for AC loss and battery troubles, it will still show “fire sys. normal”. Oh well.

Honeywell only makes addressable smokes for the Vista product line, so heat detectors must use a SIM module.