Vista 20P Chime zone configuration

I have a Vista20p with 7 zones configured, 5 wired and 2 RF. The RF expansion board is the only add-on from Honeywell but I have an AlarmDecoder attached that listens to the alarm bus and passes serial data to my home automation system.

My issue is that when we leave either or both of the doors that have the rf connection open and a motion zone triggers and then returns to off the AlarmDecoder or the integration to Home Assistant decides that the door was opened when it likely was open for hours. My automation then is triggered and I chime the phones or wall depending on where we are at. Lots of chimes on these nice fall days LOL.


  • Is there a way to turn off the reporting of one zone in the alarm panel?
    Is this a function of the rf that it seems to constantly be checking the sensor status?
    If I wired the sensor (which would definitely involve cutting access holes in the drywall and taking down some vintage trim..... Would that for sure address this?
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    Thanks in advance!


    in programming for the zone, on a 6160 style keypad you will find reporting.
    i dont know how to turn that off though