Vista 20p clicking noise

I am experienced in the alarm industry, but this is strange. I have multiple vista panels, but my first panel I got in 2019 has been acting strange. When I power it up the keypad turns turn on, but the keypad screen stays black, but the backlight is on. The 20p makes a clicking noise every 4 seconds.
Reddit says I overloaded it and that’s a relay clicking. Any advice or has this happened to anyone else? I’m using an appropriate transformer, but I might have shorted it back then. The system did work back then, but now It just clicks.

Do you have multiple kepads on the system? Try disconnecting one or using a test keypad at the panel to see if it workks. The 20P panels don’t have much power for auxiliary devices. I would disconnect protection to see if the clicking stops and isolate the issue.

Would you mind providing a video? How many devices are on the auxiliary power terminals?

It does click without any devices powered up on it

Please provide a video so we can assist you further.