Current panel.

This is how it’s done. Wiring neat, labeled, not a mess. Yes, the resistors are in the panel, defeating the supervision, but that’s pretty much the standard way of doing it, sooner or later I’ll move them to the devices.

This is a rev. 7.0 20P. The white box in the middle is an 8-zone expansion module. The white box on the bottom allows remote control via an on-site phone, or by calling in and using your phone as a keypad. The relay to the right of the board is for a latching strobe.

Alarmnet communication via GSM is coming soon to replace the phone line, and I’m looking at Honeywell Totalconnect 2.0 for remote control via my iphone. This requires me to upgrade to a rev. 9.12 panel - I have one, it’s the First Alert equivalent of a 20P (FA168).

Wow, clean looking install! What are you using for motions? Ademco/Intellisense DTs?

I’m using IS2535s for hardwired motions and three 5853 wireless glassbreaks. I also have a newer 5800PIR wireless motion in the second floor hallway. I have an FA270RF keypad in my bedroom (the First Alert equivalent of a 6150RF keypad/receiver). I do NOT like the IS2535 motions, it seems (in my service experience) that they are extremely sensitive and have a very far range - if I leave the living room window open (20-25 feet away), it can be triggered by the mailman on the porch. My 2535s were taken out of prior service calls where they never should have been installed - auto body shops, outdoor storage areas, warehouses, etc. I’ve had 2 false trips on the dining room motion that covers the dining room, hall, and living room, and one false trip recently on the kitchen motion, they’re not aimed at windows or heating vents or radiators and they didn’t have insects in them (three common causes of false motion trips).

Previously, I had two Aurora motions since 2006-2007 (one used) that never gave me any problems or false alarms. I thought the Aurora motions were the cheap, bottom-of-the barrel type, but looking around, the IS2535 is actually like half the price - I see the 2535s retail online for about $9.

I very rarely, if ever see problems with the 5800PIR wireless motions, or the older 5890s/5894s. I had the 5800PIR installed in my upstairs hallway since September and only had a false alarm last week because I left a hot kerosene heater about four feet away from it after the system was armed.

I wouldn’t mind dual-techs, the DS models were workhorses and never gave problems but a lot of them were discontinued for the Bosch Blue Line series (excellent, by the way). I have a slightly used Honeywell dual-tech motion sitting in my truck, waiting to be installed in the basement.

Consider replacing them with 835s or 835Is, you can still buy them new from some online retailers. If you are looking for maximum false alarm immunity, get some Crow GENIUS dual sensor pirs. One installer on the diysecurityforum has used them in applications where cockroaches were crawling on the lens.

With the 2535s being installed outdoors, obviously the installer does not have much common sense.

I’ve never had a problem with falses on PIR until the 2535s, it’s just standard residential. I typically use dual-techs when the original motion was installed aimed at air vents, radiators, windows that catch the sun, etc.

I don’t always see some of the most stellar installations, or systems where the proper parts were used.