Vista Panic button 6160 issue

I recently got a new vista 20p to replace my old one. I got a 6160 RF keypad, and it works great, except I can’t program the A,B,C,or D. I found in Programming the correct place to go, but instead of 99 police, 95 Fire, it gives the option for macro keys, that I have no Idea what those are. I did this successfully on my non-RF 6160, but this one seems not to work. Even if I press them it will not do anything. The keypad works fine, but this seems to be a programming issue.
Any help appreciated!

Emergency keys are programmed in system zone programming, not function key programming. Keys A, B, and C are all assigned to zones.
A= 95
B= 99
C= 96
Key D however, is for other applications such as paging or displaying the time and date etc. Feel free to Let me know if you need any more help setting up your vista.

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In *57 Programming, there is a 2 digit entry to specify the keys operation.

According to this list. Your keys are programmed for Number 09 to 12, which are Macro keys.

It does not show it on the list, but 00 is the entry for Emergency Keys. (Zones 95,99, and 96)

For A,B, and C keys, try entering *57, Pressing the button you want to program, and enter 00.

For the D key you can program it to what you wish.


Well said. He would still have to program the respective zones in *56 zone programming to use emergency keys.

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Thanks for all of the Advice

Of course! Feel free to PM me if you need help with anything else on your Vista!