Voice evac in convenience stores and standalone Starbucks locations.

I have read where someone said that they saw voice evac in convenience stores and standalone Starbucks locations in Chicago. Seems strange consider how small these buildings are.

Florida seems to have a ton of standalone restaurants with voice evac. I have not found a single one of these in other states, and if there are they’re connected to a Mall of some sort. There is a McDonalds/Noodles&Co combo in the middle of Chicago that has e60s though.

The only convenience stores that I’ve seen have speaker/strobes have been commonly Walmart, Sams Club, and double storey Targets. It’ll be interesting if anyone else has found others!

Walmart, Sams Club and, Target aren’t convenience stores. Convenience stores are those small stores you often find at gas stations.

ohhh ok! thank you for clarifying

Here’s a stand-alone pizza place at Disney Springs that has a voice system. The panel is a Siemens FireFinder XLS. You’d think they would have used a Cerberus Pro FV922, given the small size of the building, but…