Voices of fire alarm systems

Does anyone happen to know who the voices on voice-evacuation systems are?

I’m wondering if they are professional voice actors or just the manufacturer’s employees.

The one I’m trying to get a positive ID on is the one who does (or did) the Simplex messages.

At first, he sounded a bit like John Doyle, a professional voiceover artist who did voices for the Audichron company for telephone company recordings, and also shortwave radio stations like WWV.

So, with that hunch in mind, I got into contact with Evan Doorbell, one of the phone phreaks who made extensive tape recordings of the old network. I sent him a clip of the default Simplex message, and he said that he doesn’t believe that that was John Doyle. So, back to square one I suppose. My next step I think would be to contact someone at Simplex directly, and ask if they had any record of who the voice was, if at all.

As far as I can tell, the voice who does the 4100ES’s “There is a fire emergency in the building. You are to leave the building by the nearest exit. Do not use elevators.” is a different person.

As far as the Fire-Lite, Notifier, Silent Knight, and Wheelock voices, I have a hunch I’ll have to do a lot of digging as well.

My workplace features a Simplex 4100ES voice evac system that broadcasts bilingual messages. The English and French portions of the messages sound like they were recorded by the same person (a younger male with a rather neutral accent in both languages). This person’s voice sounds very much like the voice used for the bilingual announcements in my city’s public transit system, which were recorded by a local actor. Due to these similarities, I suspect that the voice evac messages at my workplace were recorded by the same actor as the public transit system’s announcements.

For comparison, here is a recording I made of the voice evac messages at my workplace and here is a video in which the public transit system’s announcements can be heard (not my video).

The voice evac messages used at my workplace are quite unique. I wonder if they were perhaps recorded specifically for this building.