Vote for the Security System subforum

Would you like the addition of a “Security System” subforum?

  • Yes
  • No
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This is my response to a topic created to suggest I implement a Security Systems subforum here on TFP. That topic had a poll and I am taking that as a petition rather than a vote, so I am creating an OFFICIAL poll.

I will decide based on the result – if the majority is Yes, I will do it, and if the majority is No, I won’t. Please note that I will require at least 5 votes for either option before I do anything.

Whichever gets the most votes in 5 days from this post is what I will do.

One more “Yes” from someone and we can have the forum! :wink:

Voting has not ended yet.

It could go either way.

it is a security system subform wooohooo!!!

Forums added!