Walk Test Mode

Can someone in laymans terms explain the Walk Test function ? If this is enabled will the building still be audible for alarm purposes ? Will a signal be sent to central station ?

Walk test allows one person to test every fire alarm device in the system. Most fire alarm panels have an audible and a silent walk test function. In general, walk test disables alarm relays, but a central station may still get a trouble notification. Check with the panel’s operating manual and with the AHJ. You should alert authorities if testing is taking place on a fire alarm system and when it’s completed.

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I See. Does the alarm activated internally on Walk Test such as for an initiation device or it won’t be audible ?

Depends on whether you set the walk test to be audible or silent. In either case, the panel will log the alarm internally.

I see. Will log internally and transit to CS too ? Should one go off-line during this ?

Alarms during walk-test shouldn’t get reported to the central station, but check the manual of your fire alarm panel for full details. The central station may receive a trouble from the panel as walk test puts most fire alarm panels into trouble.

I see. Is this the recommended mode if doing a full drain down refill to avoid alarms activating and disturbing tenants ? In your opinion.