Wall-mount NAs installed on the ceiling.

Have you seen them? The Lowes’ in my area has Wall-mount horn/strobes installed on the ceiling. The fire lettering is sideways. It also seems pretty common in my area to see wall-mount Spectralert classics on the ceiling.

Seen it at Walmart. Also in the security building at SMCC.

How about alarms installed in odd places or unusual ways?

I saw an RSS installed sideways.

How about a ceiling mount horn/strobe on a wall? I was told this was because they had bells and the architecture was designed with the bells in mind, so they wanted to use ceiling mount alarms because they are round.
Don’t know where this was though.

As far as ceiling mount horn/strobes on walls, IIRC at Lake Compounce in Connecticut, on one of the buildings is a ceiling mount Simplex horn/strobe (I want to say it’s a Truealert ceiling mount, but I’m not positive.)
In a mall, I think that there is a wall mount Truealert on the ceiling above a Hot Topic or something.

In Rochester, there’s a Wheelock ceiling-mount speaker/strobe on the wall. I’ll have to try and get a pic.
Our clinic’s new expansion has SpectrAlert Advance P2W horn strobes on the ceiling.

I took this photo during their open house, so I couldn’t get a good pic. I’ll have to get a better pic Tuesday.
A hotel in Rochester has a SpectrAlert Advance wall-mount speaker/strobe on the ceiling.

It’s actually not so uncommon in my area to see wall-mount Spectralerts on the ceiling.

The MRI department at the hospital where my dad works has a few wall-mount SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes installed on the ceiling, these signals being used for the local Victaulic Fire-Pac system. The Canadian War Museum uses a similar setup with Genesis strobes for its EST3 system while the Canadian Museum of Nature has a few ceiling-mounted Wheelock speaker/strobes and wall-mounted Simplex TrueAlert speaker/strobes. I’ve also seen a ceiling-mounted LifeAlarm speaker/light at the Massachusetts State House’s Hall of Flags.

The weirdest installation I’ve seen, however, is this one; I’m pretty sure this bell was disconnected as the building had switched to this absurd-looking setup.

I’ve been to a hotel with SpectrAlert Advances installed on the ceiling.

If I’m not mistaken, wall-mounted SpectrAlert Advances can be mounted on the ceiling, and ceiling-mounted SpectrAlert Advances can be mounted on the wall.

From the Installation and Maintenance Instructions (Document D69-03-00):

[quote] Wall and ceiling products may be used interchangeably (wall products may be used on the ceiling and ceiling products may be used on the wall.) [/quote]

Woodbridge Center Mall in Woodbridge, NJ has a Simplex voice-evac system, and there are definitely some oddities there. I saw at least one instance of a ceiling-mounted speaker/strobe high on a wall. But the oddest thing there is that in a lot of spots, instead of a regular wall-mounted speaker/strobe, there’s a TrueAlert remote speaker with a remote strobe below it, both installed over an oversized trim plate on a standard TrueAlert speaker/strobe backbox.

Perhaps it was some sort of retrofit?

The odd thing at my local Target is while in most of the store there’s white ceiling-mount RSS’s on the ceiling, at customer service there is a red wall-mount version of the RSS on the ceiling.

A walmart in my area has an Edwards 10" fire bell installed on the ceiling.

As far as I could tell, they didn’t have any alarms before these were installed.

That makes no sense, some bells do not ring properly if you position them sideways. If it were a motor bell it wouldn’t have a problem but if it were a coil / solenoid bell, it might struggle a bit.

I was at a performing arts center a while ago that had ceiling-mount Wheelock ET70’s on the wall and wall-mount ET70’s on the ceiling almost everywhere (the system was a 4100U). Someone clearly mixed up the two.

^It could also be that they felt that configuration suited the aesthetics of the performing arts center more.