Was the Simplex 4010ES discontinued?


I remember when that panel was announced, it seemed a bit unnecessary as it was basically a Simplex 4100ES with only 250 addressable points and one bay, and Simplex was keeping the “regular” 4010 in being available.
However, checking the Simplex website and from online searches, it looks like Simplex has stopped manufacturing the 4010ES panel.
I think this may have been a smart move; anyone who wants a somewhat basic no-frills addressable Simplex panel would find the regular 4010 perfectly suitable for their needs (it also makes a decent replacement for any old hard-wired Simplex panels with the use of ZAMs), and if someone wants something like the 4010ES, then a single-bay 4100ES would probably be just as good; maybe even better.

Any thoughts/comments?

4010ES seemed a bit overkill for the application. I bet it got discontinued because nobody wanted to pay the price tag for it.
Or else they are having problems and temporarily took it out of production.

Nah, Simplex just likes to take their time in updating their website and literature database. Plus it probably takes a while to get a new product UL listed, approved by certain states, the FCC, etc.

One just showed up on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Simplex-4010ES-Fire-Alarm-Control-Panel-250-Point-Addressable-Analog-System-/130800851607?pt=BI_Security_Fire_Protection&hash=item1e74569a97

He’s saying that the 4010ES USED to be on the datasheet page, but it has since been removed, thus, bringing up the question if it was discontinued.

There are still a lot of references to the 4010ES, as well as some literature for it on this page. However, it still could be discontinued since they also have literature for some discontinued products there, like the 4005.


The 4005 wasn’t discontinued. But then again, all it’s pretty much used for nowadays is for replacing any older hard-wired 24-VDC Simplex fire alarm panels (they even have a retrofit kit for single-bay 4002s!) That’s also pretty much what the 4006 is now used for too (in fact, last summer the local YMCA Youth Center had their 2001 panel gutted and a 4006 installed inside the cabinet!)

I am a rep for Simplex and can tell you that both the 4010 and the 4010ES are both still in our product offerings and both offer someting for customers.

One difference is that the new 4010ES can auto program where as the old 4010 could not. The new 4010ES is a lot more versitile in retrofits as well. We have some literature online for installers that show how the 4010 make life a bit easier for you. And the cost difference for a 4010 vs. a 4010ES is very, very minimal. Most of the time it is not even noticed as I can sell a 4010ES panel at a better margin.

What exactly does auto programming mean?

I believe it searches for all addressable points on the circuit, and programs then in.
I still think you have to enter the names though, which defeats the purpose.

Did that guy really just advertise a new Simplex panel on a hobbyist forum …?

I don’t think he wasn’t really advertising it. I think he was really just explaining the differences between the 4010ES and a 4010.


I don’t think he wasn’t really advertising it. I think he was really just explaining the differences between the 4010ES and a 4010.

I think he was letting everyone know the differences from his experience as a technician. :smiley:

Interesting, how does it differ from the 4010’s Quick CFIG?