Wasabi smoke alarms

Wasabi smoke alarms have been invented. They alert by the sense of smell, rather than making a sound.


I saw this a month or so ago and instantly thought of a problem, couldent the strong smell trigger an atshma attack or something simmilar and end up killing people while their asleap?

Strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

Wasabi smoke alarms may be more effective at waking those with hearing loss than those with strobe lights.

[quote] If I was engrossed in a book or sleeping, a visual indication is less likely to attract my attention. An olfactory signal tends to be detected as an involuntary action, kind of like an Out-of-band signal. In this way, it is more like an audio alarm. Cool idea in any case.

Disclaimer: I am not deaf so my experiences and opinion mean diddlysquat.

lol, if you are so engrossed in a book that you fail to notice a visual signal, its time to get some help.