Wattman Trains

Around 20 years ago, Wattman USA decided to build little trains built for kids and parents. Here’s an image, I’m sure you can recognize it:
(Location: Mall of Georgia in Buford)

These trains are fitted for indoor and outdoor applications. As far as I’m aware, Wattman still sells these models, as a video from April 2021 shows.

These trains are often found indoors in malls, such as the previously mentioned Mall of Georgia (The exact location that sparked my interest again), the Georgia Square Mall in Athens, and the Irving mall in Texas.

There are dozens, if not, hundreds of videos all over Youtube. If you simply search “mall train” or “Wattman train”, you will find tons of matching results.

Wattman made 3 of these models, the Mini Express (most popular), the Maxi Express, and the Grand Express, the newest.

I also think Wattman sells globally. Many videos have shown trains in different locations. Even one in a Slovenia neighborhood.

Please share your thoughts if you have any! I remember when I was still young enough to ride on these trains a couple years ago. I would beg my parents to let me ride, but the entry fee was like $5

cue in I like trains meme

Some people are super into model railroads. It’s pretty neat though.