Weatherproof System Sensor L-Series

Has anyone seen this before:

I’m currently in Canada so maybe it’s a Canada only product.

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No I’ve never seen one of those before

That looks like a standard P2RLA I believe and that box is an outdoor advance box and not meant for the L series lol

Oh so it’s not weather proof

As far as I know System Sensor does not currently make weatherproof L-series devices (why I don’t know considering one would think it would just be logical especially since they’ve had to continue making weatherproof Advances instead); that’s just an L-series remote strobe on a SpectrAlert Advance backbox (wouldn’t surprise me if it replaced an Advance since I don’t think it would be mounted on a box that doesn’t fit/match like that).

It’s not the right backbox for it to be weatherproof. The L-series devices themseves aren’t protected to withstand water either.

There are literally no outdoor rated L-Series devices yet. System Sensor still makes, I believe its called the P2RK, which is the outdoor rated advance.

Thats a p2rl that is mounted on a spectralert weatherproof backbox so no