Wei Huan's Collection

Heres my uncommon/unusal stuff:

Been collecting for about 5 or 6 years now, mainly unusal devices

System Sensor SYS-HSR (brand new in box)

System Sensor P2475RLZ Xenon (i have 2)

System Sensor S2475RLZ Xenon (i have 2)

System Sensor P2475RLZ LED (1st Generation) (i have 2)

Current Production P2475RLZ LED (new in box)

Current Production P900 LED (new in box) (looks the same)

Shanghai Songjiang SGJ-1 Horn Strobe (a very good spectralert clone)

RSG RMS-1P in chrome (new in box)

Firecom F900-943 Pull Station (new in box) (i have 2)

Firecom FRSS-24MCW-FW (new in box) (i have 2)

Firecom FE70-241575W-FR (new in box)

Firecom RA-40 Annunciator (shell only all the internals were removed)

Wheelock ASB-24MCC-NW (new in box)

Wheelock MTWPB-2475W-NW

Sigcom SG-42SK1-NY (new in box)

I do have alot more other devices that are more common so ill just list them instead:

  • Wheelock CH90-MCC
  • Wheelock RSS 121575W-FR
  • Wheelock ASWP-2475W-FR
  • Wheelock AS-24MCC-FR
  • Wheelock LHNR
  • Siemens ZH-MC-R
  • Siemens U-S75-W
  • System Sensor D4120
  • System Sensor CHRL
  • System Sensor P1224MC
  • System Sensor P1224MCW
  • System Sensor P241575
  • System Sensor P2R
  • System Sensor P2RHK-120
  • System Sensor 2W-B (have 7)
  • System Sensor 2WT-B
  • System Sensor 4W-B
  • Gentex GEC24-15/75WR
  • Gamewell FCI MS-7S
  • Kidde EG4VRF
  • Potter PFC-6006
  • Simplex 4098-9601

That SGJ-1 is really interesting! Do you have a video of it?

yep its on my channel

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You got a lot of rare variants of otherwise common device series series! I was wondering if we can put the chinese SpectrAlert Classics on the System Sensor SpectrAlert Classic page on The Fire Panel Wiki since this would go great as regional differences between each variant of the SpectrAlert Classic.

sure go ahead, i got photos of other models if you need them

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You can send me the photos of all the variants you have of the other models with descriptions of them so I can put them on the wiki page as well.

alright ill gather some and dm you

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